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Large-Scale Agile Frameworks - Agile Transformation

Podcast software development

Software development, programming, learn programming

You are always looking for a podcast for software development? Are you interested in the latest trends and developments in software development? You want to improve your skills and competencies in software development and exchange ideas with other experts in the industry? Then you’ve come to the right place!

  • Comprehensive information about software development:

The Rock the Prototype Podcast gives you free access to in-depth expertise in software development, prototyping, software architecture, DevOps, cloud technologies, and IT security. Our podcast episodes provide you with well-researched and practical content that will help you expand your knowledge and stay up-to-date.

  • Inspiring Insights:

Learn from successful software developers, IT architects and other experts how you can master complex technical challenges, develop innovative solutions and lead your software projects to success. Inspiring insights and real-world case studies inspire your creativity and motivate you to tackle your own IT projects.

  • Wide range of topics covered:

With a wide range of topics, including software architecture, frameworks, web development, app development, cloud computing, DevOps and IT security, our podcast offers a holistic coverage of all relevant areas of software development. You’ll always get a solid insight into different aspects and can easily expand your knowledge in a targeted way.

  • Interactive podcast formats:

Our interactive formats such as interviews, discussions and Q&A sessions provide variety and make you an active part of our community. You have the direct opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas with other software developers and participate in exciting discussions. The podcast becomes an interactive experience where you can actively participate and benefit from the experiences and opinions of other participants.

  • Flexible listening experience:

Our podcast is available anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re on the go, exercising, or on your lunch break, you can listen to our content at your convenience and benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience. Take advantage of the flexibility and customize your listening experience to fit your own schedule.

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Rock the Prototype – The Podcast for Software Development and Prototyping

Our software development podcast gives you everything you need to stay up to date and achieve your goals. We regularly provide you with professional and well-researched content on the latest topics in the industry. Experienced experts explain complex technical issues in an easy-to-understand, fact-based and interesting way.

Broad range of topics for software development & prototyping

We cover a wide range of topics that encompass all aspects of software development. Whether software architecture, frameworks, web development, app development or cloud computing – we have the right topics and formats for you. Our interactive formats such as interviews, discussions and Q&A sessions provide variety and make you an active part of our community.

Inspiration and active participation format

But our Rock the Prototype podcast on software development offers you much more than just technical content. We also want to entertain and inspire you. Our exciting and informative content will stimulate your creativity and help you to tackle your own projects and developments.

Our podcast on software development – easily available everywhere

Best of all, our podcast on software development is available anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in the car, playing sports or on your lunch break – you can listen to our content anytime, anywhere and benefit from our extensive knowledge and wealth of experience.

Join us now: Subscribe directly to our podcast!

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey into the world of software development now with our podcast. We’ll help you achieve your goals, improve your skills, and take your career to the next level. Tune in and become part of our community!

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In his podcast, Sascha Block brings important trends and topics in software development. As an IT architect, Sascha Block has many years of practical experience. The Rock the Prototype Podcast makes it easy for you to keep learning about new, important and, above all, exciting topics in software development.

In addition, Sascha Block is an active author. Valuable practical experience and practical tips and recommendations on digitization, microservice-oriented cloud solutions and IT security have been incorporated into the specialist book on the subject of agility, agile infrastructure and digital transformation.

In his book Large-Scale Agile Frameworks, podcaster Sascha Block presents practical solutions for digital transformation. The overarching prioritization of requirements for software plays a central role in every organization.

In doing so, the technical book addresses the interplay of current technology topics such as the cloud trend or the organizational requirements with regard to microservices in an easy-to-understand manner. Under the requirement of customer-centric and service-oriented products and services, organizations are increasingly confronted with aligning their IT strategy closely with the needs of their customers.

In addition, more stringent requirements in the direction of IT security and in the context of digital transformation by means of cloud technologies and containerization require a radical realignment of previous IT strategies.

Large-Scale Agile Frameworks - Book Springer-Vieweg - Agile Transformations for Business & Organizations.

Sascha Block – IT Architect in Hamburg and Author of Large-Scale Agile Frameworks

Sascha Block - Autor Large-Scale Agile Frameworks - Digitale Transformation

I am Sascha Block – IT architect in Hamburg and your host on the Rock the Prototype Podcast and author of Large-Scale Agile Frameworks. With the Rock the Prototype Podcast format as well as other formats like our Rock the Prototype YouTube Channel I offer you a lot of information about the development of software

Establish agility in companies and organizations

In addition to my book, I have developed the podcast format Rock the Prototype for you, in order to make easily understandable knowledge about software development directly accessible for each of you. I also want to establish prototyping and agility as an integral part of our modern work culture in companies and organizations of all kinds.

Regardless of the current maturity level of you and your colleagues or employees, my podcast and my book should support you as a guide to anchor agile mindset and agile ways of working in your everyday work.

Compass for Agile Methods & Agile Infrastructures

Whether you are a software developer, a DevOps expert or UX specialist, a manager or team member who wants to learn more about agile methodology, these formats are designed to inspire you and serve as a compass. Navigate along cutting-edge topics such as cloud technologies, DevOps and IT security.

Focus on IT security & practicable solutions

Another goal is to raise awareness of IT security and demonstrate viable strategies and solutions for implementation. I am passionate about helping to expand your knowledge beyond the basics about agile.

The podcast episodes always have a different topic focus, covering a wide range of relevant topics around software development, cloud technologies, DevOps and IT security. This allows us to explore different aspects of digital transformation and innovative software architecture and offer our listeners a holistic insight into the world of software development. Immerse yourself in exciting discussions, learn from our best practices and gather valuable insights from a wide range of experts to expand your personal knowledge and gain new perspectives. Don’t miss your chance to deepen your knowledge in these forward-thinking topics – listen to the Rock the Prototype podcast now!

If you like to read up on these exciting topics in parallel, I recommend my book that will introduce you to agile and the fundamentals that go with it. My plan was to write a book that goes beyond that. This book should effectively support you and your organization to get started with agile and to establish a new form of organization, so that you can succeed in a successful digital transformation together with your colleagues and teams – and above all with fun!


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