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Why podcasts are indispensable for learning software development!

Why podcasts are essential for learning software development! The support of learning and further education through podcasts: Discover exciting podcast episodes with topics around software development! Podcasts have become a popular medium for education and training in recent years. A podcast offers you a particularly flexible way to expand your knowledge and is particularly suitable for topics that require continuous updates and in-depth discussions, as is the case in software development.

Software Development & IT Security Podcast – IT Security: Creating Synergies between Software Development and Cybersecurity Teams

The cornerstones of secure software development: understand why robust IT security is the foundation for triumphant software projects. In our latest podcast episode, we reveal with an expert how you can effectively embed security policies into high-performing applications - from in-depth insights to practical action guides. Make sure your software doesn't become your company's Achilles heel - listen in to our podcast now to keep your code and your business secure!

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