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Large-Scale Agile Frameworks2023-03-24T11:00:17+01:00

About the book Large-Scale Agile Frameworks

The book Large-Scale Agile Frameworks presents practical solutions for the overarching prioritization of requirements and documentation using the example of an organization in the role or with key characteristics of a software vendor.

The interaction of current technology topics such as the cloud trend or the organizational requirements with regard to microservices will be reflected. Under the requirement of customer-centric and service-oriented products and services, organizations are increasingly confronted with aligning their IT strategy closely with the needs of their customers.

In addition, more stringent requirements in the direction of IT security and in the context of digital transformation by means of cloud technologies and containerization require a radical realignment of previous IT strategies.

Large-Scale Agile Frameworks - Book Springer-Vieweg - Agile Transformations for Business & Organizations.

Sascha Block – IT Architect in Hamburg and Author of Large-Scale Agile Frameworks

Sascha Block - Author Large-Scale Agile Frameworks - Digital Transformation

I am Sascha Block – IT architect in Hamburg and the author of Large-Scale Agile Frameworks.

Establish agility in companies and organizations

I developed this book to help establish agility as an integral part of our modern work culture in companies and organizations of all kinds.

Regardless of the current maturity level of you, your colleagues and employees, this book is intended as a guide to support you in anchoring agile mindset and working methods in your everyday professional life.

Compass for Agile Methods & Agile Infrastructures

Whether you’re a leader or a team member looking to learn more about agile methodology, this work will serve as your compass, navigating you along currently hot topics such as cloud technologies, DevOps, and IT security.

Focus on IT security & practicable solutions

Another goal is to raise awareness of IT security and to demonstrate practicable strategies and solutions for implementation. I am passionate about helping to expand your knowledge beyond the basics about agile.

This reference book was created based on years of experience in countless projects and against the background of a wide variety of corporate environments.

There are many books that introduce agile and the fundamentals that go with it. My plan was to write a book that went beyond that. This book is designed to effectively support you and your organization in getting started with agile and establishing a new type of organization, so that you can achieve a successful digital transformation together with your colleagues and teams – and, above all, have fun doing it!


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